" It is new, indeed for I made it last night in a dream of strange cities: and dreams are older than brooding Tyre, or the
contemplative Sphinx, or garden-girdled Babylon" The Call of Cthulhu

Saturday, March 4, 2017

New Eldritch Tomes Caitlin R. Kiernan - Agents of Dreamland and John Langan - The Fisherman

I have been waiting for the Kiernan for some time, and the 
Langan sounds great, I enjoyed his short story,
 "Outside the House, Watching for the Crows" in 
The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu 

Tor, 2017 cover photo Getty Images, Design Christine Foltzer

Description taken from a review appearing on GEEKLYINC

What a beautiful description of Caitlin's work.

"It is in this that Kiernan truly is heir to Lovecraft in a way that most other writers are not. She is a scientist who has nonetheless made her uneasy bed with unknowing. For most of us, science connotes a background optimism that the world can be understood, and that there exists a path of upward momentum. In Kiernan’s works, we are reminded that even the experts know comparatively little, and that our striving will always fall short of this dying universe’s ability to confound us."

Or from The New York Journal of Books (full review contains spoilers)


"It’s a bit hard to comprehend the amount of story that is told in a little over 120 pages; this owes largely to the novella’s jigsaw puzzle-like narrative structure. Agents of Dreamland is an exquisitely haunting read, full of mesmerizing prose, unsettling images, and profoundly disturbing implications. And after reading this novella, one may never view that dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system the same way again."

Word Horde, 2016, Cover design Scott R. Jones
Cover: Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast 1870 by Albert Bierstadt
Description taken from a review The New York Times


"In his superb new novel THE FISHERMAN, John Langan also manages to sustain the focused effect of a short story or a poem over the course of a long horror narrative, and it’s an especially remarkable feat because this is a novel that goes back and forth in time, alternates lengthy stretches of calm with extended passages of vigorous and complex action, and features a very, very large monster. Like Robert Aickman, Langan is a short story writer by inclination; “The Fisherman” is only his second novel, and this one took him over a dozen years to finish."

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